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We are thrilled to announce that Ashewa Technology Solution Share Company has been invited by Mint/Ministry of Innovation and Technology - ICT Park's top management to collaborate with them.

This exciting opportunity allows us to showcase our state-of-the-art technologies and projects that are both innovative and inclusive.
During the collaboration meeting, our visionary CEO, Daniel Bekele, passionately presented the power of our software solutions and highlighted the social and economic impacts they have. We take great pride in developing software through the expertise of Ethiopian professionals, aiming to eliminate the need for importing software from foreign countries. Our goal is to ensure that our domestic products are easily accessible to all Ethiopians, democratizing software for everyone.

To expand our reach and increase revenue, we have established a branch in Kenya to sell our software. Additionally, our e-commerce platforms enable the availability of Ethiopian products globally, generating a steady flow of foreign currency into Ethiopia. Our online platform, Ashewa.com, operates 24/7 and serves as a significant source of foreign currency. Furthermore, we are excited to announce that our internally developed software will be sold to foreign countries, contributing to Ethiopia's foreign currency reserves. We are also venturing into the Arab market through smart ERP and smart site builders.

Our collaboration with Mint ICT Park not only benefits us but also supports SMEs by providing them access to promotions and buyers, encouraging them to produce and sell more. This contributes to market stabilization and allows producers to avoid price increments, saving time and using it in a productive way.

Furthermore, our partnership with Mint ICT Park will contribute to the growth of the digital economy, knowledge transfer, foreign currency earnings, environmental compatibility, regional and cross-border economic integration, and the utilization of African wisdom for development endeavors.
Mint/Ministry of Innovation and Technology - ICT Park offers attractive investment incentives such as provision of land for nominal lease payments or renting space within constructed buildings. They also provide quality IT infrastructure and services at globally competitive rates, redundancy through satellite connectivity, and a 10-15% margin of preference to imported products or services. Additionally, they offer a convenient one-stop shop for all government services.

In conclusion, our collaboration with Mint ICT Park presents a unique opportunity for us to contribute to the growth of Ethiopia's digital economy. With our innovative software solutions, commitment to sustainability, and focus on empowering SMEs and households, we are confident that this collaboration will have a significant impact on the country's overall development. We look forward to working closely with Mint ICT Park and its top management to achieve our shared vision and create a thriving technology ecosystem in Ethiopia.